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Anime Cons, Europe!! @_@, Floridia, Illinoistasia~

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 12:13 AM
Welcome to the journal of Ten-Wa-Tokku-Desu~~!


Haha, so since it's been so long, rather than summarizing EVERYTHING I've been up to/done since last JANUARY ZOMG, I'm just going to list them with a few comments...

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
TSUKINO-CON - February 2012 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canadia

xD Excellent small con!! Also Victoria is an awesome town...THERE IS A CASTLE THERE! I'll have to post a pic of it here sometime~

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Momocon - March 2012 - Atlanta, GA

ZOMG THIS WAS DINOSAUR THEMED~! :iconsheolreaper: should've been here haha~~~~ But it was great to see some old friends here!! Especially :iconluna-wannabe:~ This con was funnnn

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Sakura-Con - April 2012 - Seattle, WA

xD So I don't have much to say about this con...I actually only went for the Sat and NOT IN COSPLAY ZOMG!! I just wasn't up to it that weekend, I was kinda sick...which sucked cause this looked like a GREAT CON~~ (2013 WILL BE EPIC)

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
ANIME CENTRAL - April 2012 - Chicago, IL

ZOMG ONE OF MY FAV CONS~~ I did a new cosplay of Hinata from Naruto, cause my friend Ashleigh really wanted to do Naruto xDD Also broke out my SKIP BEAT Kyoko cosplay (I NEED A PHOTOSHOOT OF THAT ONE!!)

Got to see :iconkyoki-mute:, :iconbeckiebootwo:, Ashleigh, Samantha, Erin and ALL MY OTHER AWESOME ILLINOIS FRIENDS~~

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
JAPAN EXPO - July 2012 - Paris, France

Ok, so I lied, I want to elaborate about this one!! So once again I went to PARIS for JAPAN EXPO, one of the largest cons in the world (haha outside of Japan, but IT COMPARES) xDD

I was able to meet and hang out with :iconw-dolphin: again :heart: :heart: :heart: She is awesome~! I only regret that I've lost most of my French skills, I was SO much better when I was there two years ago, but a lot of people there speak amazing English (and actually later in the con we were joined by a German girl too, so English was kind of the default anyways~ grrr talented Europeans~~~)

But YES THIS WAS EPIC...and I was actually able to go all 4 days this time! I got there Wednesday July 4th (AHHH I MISSED 4th OF JULY FIREWORKS AGAIN~~~) and then was at the con Thurs-Sun~ It was sooo much fun.

I did cosplay APH France (Cause I was there haha) and hung out with the Hetalia mob for a bit, but I mostly stayed with W-Dolphin and her friends~ They were way fun...especially Morgane, Alicia and of course 'Alexandra' or aka Pervy Russian Water Sprite LMAO

So we cosplayed SAIYUKI again, which I found out is one of W-Dolphin's favorite series~! <3 Once again, my random Sanzo cosplay comes into play zomg (I made that one in HIGH SCHOOL before I had anyone to cosplay with...and the last time it just so happened my college friends were doing Saiyuki and didn't have a Sanzo zomg...and then...the GAY SAIYUKI at Yaoicon happened...) But it was AWESOME...I WAS SANZO AGAIN~~

W-Dolphin had a great Hakkai cosplay and she even made a HAKURYUU!! :heart: It was so cool, even if it couldn't turn into a jeep!!!

and seriously Alexandra could definitely give :iconmirikonoko: a run for her money as the pervy water sprite lol...actually I'd say she wins hands down, she was SO HILARIOUS LOL (And she lives in Paris and has invited me to stay with her for Japan Expo next year if I can go...I REALLY WANT TO SO I'M GOING TO TRY~~!!) ...Also I need to get to France again soon because I FOUND OUT THERE'S A YAOI/YURI CON THERE TOO haha

We made some pretty funny videos, I'll have to post some links lol

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Paris & London - 2012

I lied again, this is longer~~!!

So technically my Paris trip started with Japan Expo, but I also explored the city and went to London when I was in Europe :heart:

I did my APHetalia France cosplay in France, and my APHetalia England in England ahahaha insanity~~ It was fun, I was staying near the Basilique de Saint-Denis in France, which is this epic gothic cathedral, so I took lots of APH France pics there :D And in England I just went to recognizable places, like Big Ben and the Tower of London...I'll post some pics soon!!

So after Japan Expo ended Sun, the next morning I went to London by TRAIN~~ Went under the English channel...which was cool the first time I did it, but it's actually just a lot of frickin darkness, so not so exciting this time lol...BUT I GOT INTO KING'S CROSS STATION AND THERE IS A PLATFORM 9 3/4 THERE HAHA (It's a wall, with a cart half sticking out of it lmao, GO ENGLAND)

So BECAUSE I was in England I ALSO did a casual Harry Potter cosplay (AND I GOT A PIC BY PLATFORM 9 3/4 LMAO) I foud a pretty cool village-like area on my way to the olympic park area, so I got some HP pics there~~ WILL POST SOON

London was exciting because it was JUST BEFORE the olympics so everything was super engergized and geared up for the olympics! The trains were CLEAN, CLEAN I SAY!! MIND THE GAP!!

I got tons of epic souvenirs and even saw LES MISERABLES on Broadway there in THE FRONT ROW! Ah, I wish I could see it again, I loved it! I need to see where the US tour is heading...

I did the touristy stuff, Big Ben, London Eye, attended a service at and went to Westminster Abbey (soooo pretty), Tower Bridge (which was adorned with the Olympic circles, that folded up when the bridge lifted for ships...epic), and of course the Tower of London!!

I actually spent the most time at the Tower of London because CASTLES ARE AWESOME AND I WANT ONE...!!!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Anime Revolution - August 2012 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadia

So I went to this con on a whim, it was a brand new con this year, and ZOMG was it EXPENSIVE for a first year con!! But whatever...I had a lot of fun and I debuted my APHetalia CANADA cosplay here!! It was GREAT, Someone actually came up to me and said that I was one of the best Canada's they've seen xDD (My assimilation was complete!!)

Cosplay APH Canada in Canada, CHECKMATE!!

So where does that put me then? I've done APH Japan IN Japan, APH US in America (duh), APH France IN France, APH Germany IN Germany, APH England IN England, and APH Canada IN Canada~~! Haha, I need to visit more countries~~~

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Floridia - September 2012

SO I know I was SUPPOSED to go to Kumoricon in Vancouver, WA, but one of my best friends from college was getting married in Panama City, FL that same weekend, so I went to Floridia instead...which was awesome too! For a dry wedding, it was way fun and I got to see a lot of people again!! :heart:

ALSO, I was able to meet up with :iconsheolreaper: and do a cosplay photoshoot with her! We did STAR DRIVER (Takuto & Sugata) and WEISS KREUZ (Aya & Ken)!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

AHHH FINALLY MADE IT TO NOW! Other things that happened this year...I have a COOL NEW BLUE MOTORCYCLE NOW!! (It has a Rainbow Dash cutie mark on it xDD)

Also I started Parkour lessons in Seattle!! xDD zomg, ninja training is hard~~

FUTURE PLANS involve~~~

NEXT WEEK IS YAOI CON!!! I'm going to see :iconsheolreaper: and :iconemiaysu: there!! If :iconmirikonoko: could come, it'd be the original yaoicon group again :(~~ BUT STILL IT WILL BE WAY FUN!! WE'RE DOING GUNDAM WING (all 3 of us), WEISS KREUZ (:devsheol-reaper: and I), STAR DRIVER (all three of us), BASARA(:devsheol-reaper:) and others probably...~

Also I'm planning my next overseas trip at the moment...2013 will be JAPAN AND IRELAND (Random combination I know, but my friend in Japan REALLY wants to see Ireland, so i'm going to visit her for a week and then I will visit Ireland with her for a's actually pretty epic, because I'm going to be literally flying around the world...the entire 360 degrees...Seattle, LA, Tokyo (stay 1 week), London, Dublin (stay 1 week), Philadelphia, Seattle...:w00t!:

Then what else? Halloween of course (GAH WHY IS IT ON A FRICKING WEDNESDAY~~...I'm going to dress up at work this year though!!) and some haunted houses...ALSO AKI-CON here in Seattle is OCTOBER 26th-28th and it is HALLOWEEN-THEMED :heart: :heart: (Actually I'm going to be on a Hetalia panel...

I'll be going home this year for Thanksgiving, going to have family time for once then (haven't been home for TG in like 6 years zomg) and then an awesome party with my Illinois friends~!!

And I'll be home for Xmas, but NEW YEARS IS IN NEW YORK THIS YEAR!! GONNA TRY TO CATCH THE GIANT SHINY BALL (I WANTS IT!!) I really really really can't wait to see New York, I've always wanted to go there!! I wish I could stay longer...I'm actually going to see EmiAysu there too, she lives pretty close in Jersey xDD (And I found a Dr Who themed bar there (they have a TARDIS), so I'm going to cosplay Dr Who haha~ also I was thinking to try doing Kurt Hummel from GLEE cause I love that show and New York's the place to cosplay him :XD:)

ALSO I HAVE A NEW APH RUSSIA COSPLAY (now I need to go to Russia lol) and I will force Mirikonoko into being Russia with me when I see her and NSementelli at UB Con in Buffalo, New York next year :heart:

OK THAT'S IT FOR NOW~~!! CHEERS (I'll try to post more often so I DON'T KEEP HAVING TO WRITE BOOKS ZOMG) ...a :cookie: for you if you are still reading this, because I love you! :heart: :heart: :heart:


***Upcoming Anime Conventions***

Yaoi-Con October 2012 (Los Angeles, CA)
Aki-Con October 2012 (Seattle, WA)
Sakura-con March 2013 (Seattle, WA)
UB Con April 2013 (Buffalo, NY)
Anime Central May 2013 (Chicago, IL)
Metrocon July 2013 (Tampa, FL)

((These are the only definite cons I am going to for now in 2012-2013))


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